• Tue 11th Jun 2019 - 9:12pm

    Tinnitus 911 At the same time , the deaf-and- dumb pedagogue , contrary to popular belief, is engaged not only in the organs of hearing, but also in the tongue and the brain, since its task is to teach children how to speak. To diagnose the presence of hearing problems in the child, the doctor uses the two most popular methods in hearing therapy - standard medical examination and audiometry. deaf-and-dumb pedagogue At what stage is it time to contact a specialist? It all depends on what kind of disease in question. For example, when otosclerosis is caused mainly by disorders of the nervous system and hormonal disruptions, as well as heredity. An addictive factor for adults are bad habits, increased noise and vibration background, as well as carrying and childbearing - in the latter case, the disease is diagnosed in the newborn. The occurrence of pathology is most often observed on the border between the middle and inner ear - sound vibrations simply do not reach the latter, and therefore there are obvious problems with hearing. In this situation, in the presence of one or several of the factors mentioned, it is necessary to immediately seek advice from the deaf-and-dumb teacher. Ordinary otitis media can also be the root cause for serious problems. The most acute and dangerous is the first stage, which is characterized by all the familiar symptoms - a pulsation in the ear, shooting or throbbing pain. With the development of the disease, the pain increases, is felt in other parts of the head and has a clear response when the patient swallows, coughs or sneezes. The clinical picture is complemented by lethargy, insomnia, lack of appetite and fever. The latter factor is not necessary - it may not appear at all if pus accumulating in the tympanic cavity, which is the main cause of discomfort, immediately found a natural way out. Hearing loss is observed already now - the patient does not distinguish whispers at all and does not hear well the spoken language of the average volume level. Contact a doctor should be at this time. 

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